This week I took a detour…

I decided to try something new this week and took a detour from both technique and subject!

This post is not about trees… some may sigh and some may be relieved but it was a welcome change for me as I just love to try new things.

I’ve seen so may videos and tutorials online about pouring acrylics that I just had to give it a go.

Next time I will definitely do a video, as it was so much fun – and rather messy- putting it together but absolutely amazing the to see the different results, some really simple changes made.

Here I will give show the results of trying three different methods of creating art with pouring acrylic.

Each method uses the same mixture of Arteza acrylic craft paint and acrylic medium – and believe it or not, the exact same colours!

I chose 3 bright Arteza craft acrylic colours that I hoped would compliment each other. Forest Green, Orange and Royal Purple with a generic Titanium acrylic white paint.

I used a small amount of each colour in a cup and mixed with the medium until I got a pouring consistency.

The only difference was the way it was put on the canvas.

See the descriptions below to find out how I did it… I did warn you though, a video would have been much easier!

Method 1

I poured a little of each colour straight from the cup straight on to the centre of the canvas and then added the next colour and then the next colour.

There was a pool of paint in the centre of the canvas that was starting to spread outwards, I kept repeating adding the three colours and the white until I felt there was enough to cover the canvas.

I then tipped the canvas (slowly), towards each corner until the paint had covered the canvas.

Here is the result, it’s very bold and the colours all stayed really strong.

Method 1 – ArtsItAllAbout

Method 2

For this next method, I took a larger cup and layered a small amount of each colour on top of each other, repeating this over and over again until I had several small layers of each colour in the cup.

I was starting to worry that the colours were mixing, so decided to act quickly!

I placed the canvas on top of the cup, quickly turned it over and allowed the paint to sink on to the canvas, I slowly lifted the cup allowing all of the colours to spread across the canvas and tipped, as before, until the whole canvas was covered.

I would love to tell you that there were measurements and precise actions involved, but quite honestly, it all happened so quickly that I am not even sure I would be able to recreate this!

Here is the finished result.

Method 2 – ArtsItAllAbout

Method 3

This one is a result of what was left-over from the two methods above.

I used what was left in the cups with the individual colours and poured each one into a new cup. I didn’t layer this time, I simply poured what was left of each colour into the new cup, just once, so there was only one layer of each colour.

I then used the same method as above of putting the canvas on top of the cup, turning and allowing the paint to sink down from the cup on to the canvas.

I waited for a little longer this time and gently tapped the top of the cup to make sure as much as the paint as possible was heading towards the canvas.

This time I lifted the cup up quickly and allowed the paint to flow across the canvas, once it had settled, I then gently tipped it until the paint was covering the whole canvas.

The result is shown below.

Method 3 – ArtsItAllAbout

Which one is your favourite?

Before I tell you which one is my favourite, I will do a poll on social media to see what others think, see here to take part in the poll (results will be added later).

If you put all three together, I think they look like ‘The calm before the storm’, which would be the name of the artwork if I decided to sell it in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this, and I promise… next time I will use video!

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