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I have added a new page to the site, a place for me to share the art I have enjoyed creating, either for myself or others.

Comments, feedback, ideas, tips are all welcome!

Sometimes I find it really tough to find the inspiration to paint and at other times the ideas just come to me.

I love looking online for new techniques, new products and especially for photographers that inspire an idea to be creative.

Trying new things keeps me interested and I often think about the interests of my friends and family for ideas to create, as there’s nothing better than giving a gift to someone else.

This Kingfisher is a personal favourite of mine. My father-in-law was a keen fisherman and he absolutely loved these birds. Painting this and seeing his face when I gave it to him for his birthday was one of the best feelings in the world.

I definitely prefer to see my art of other peoples walls rather than my own.

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