Look at the trees… that’s what my Mum used to say

In this post, I’m going to tell you all about the inspiration behind my recent project of colourful trees and a memory of what my Mum used to say… “Look at the trees…”

Do you ever look back and wonder if something was a sign?

When I was growing up and we went for a drive in the car, my Mum would always comment on the trees, and I mean always!

She would say: “Oooh look at those trees… ahhh look at the trees, aren’t they beautiful.”

It was always a bit of a joke to us as kids.

We grew up in Barking, East London, this could be why she appreciated the trees so much?


I noticed recently that I had painted a fair few trees, a pencil drawing, an acrylic painting and plenty of doodles.

This week I created some beautiful art (even if I do say so myself) and posted it on a local Facebook sales page.

I have been overwhelmed by the response and it has really ignited my passion for creating art for others.

Colourful tree acrylic art
Colourful trees © ArtsItAllAbout

Look at the trees

My Mum died of a heart attack in 2013, she was only 62.

I imagine a part of grief is looking back at memories and I can’t help but wonder if she was trying to tell me something?

She was always very supportive of whatever we did and would always tell us she was proud of us.

All week, all I have been able to think of is: “Look at the trees…”

I’ve now sold three sets of original acrylic paintings of colourful trees using Arteza Craft Acrylics, all within a week!

Maybe I’m destined to create art revolving around trees, perhaps it’s just an autumn thing, perhaps this is just the start of something.

As a result, we go back to the beginning and reflect on why I started this blog… A journey of self-discovery through art…

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