Hello world!

This is a work in progress… a bit like me.

I am no expert in art, I just know what I like and also what I’m not keen on. If you were to ask me: ‘What’s your genre?’ – I would literally have no clue.

I want to learn more about all types of art; all mediums – all genres – all levels of experience.

What am I hoping for? I am looking for people who are willing to share what they love with me, teach me and surprise me.

If along the way I can teach someone else what I have learned, then that would be amazing.

I am not here to put down anyone else’s creation, I will only bring it up and even if it’s not my cup of tea (or glass of dry white wine in my case), I promise to view with an open heart and open mind.

This small sample shows just a few of my favourite art pieces, they are a selection of old, new, well known and not so well known drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, photographs and more.

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